Diesel Cars in North America?

Currently, one of the pressing issues seems to be, Gas Prices. ‘Gas prices’ meaning the price of the petroleum you fill up your car with at gas stations.

It’s starting to become a regular talking point now, the idea of trying to save between $5-$10 by filling up at certain times of the day and/or at certain gas stations, etc. Yet most of “us” continue to lease/finance/purchase/steal/borrow our over-weight sports utility vehicles ‘SUVs’, drive them down the road to pick up groceries and avoid public transport at all costs.
The questions most of “us” are now asking are, what if we drove Diesel powered cars? What is the future in Gasoline powered cars? Wait, I didn’t know cars could run on laptop batteries?

Auto manufacturers have been “downsizing” their engines, installing cylinder shut down functions, implementing start/stop modes all while cars are getting heavier and heavier. Only some of the most reluctant of auto manufacturers (Aston Martin, Lamborghini) have kept their N/A engine philosophy, most manufacturers have curbed into “downsizing” their engines.

I believe the full electric car phase will be short lived, with overly optimistic research attempting to solve the major real world implementation issue. Manufacturers like Mercedes Benz have been testing alternative fuel sources and run in to the major problems, the most prominent being the lack of infrastructure.

I believe soon, most if not all of us will be driving a car that is Diesel hybrid Electric powered. The infrastructure of petrol stations is more than adequate, with a petrol station at almost every junction in some countries.

Until Governments can withstand Oil lobbyists here, and here, We “us” North Americans insist that Diesel cars are the sole cause for global warming and until we can give Diesel cars a second chance we as consumers will continue on this regressive path of continual automotive consumption.

[This is an introduction to the topic I will be addressing this month, Transport Sustainability]

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