Mercedes Benz A45 AMG “Edition 1”

What does Edition 1 mean? Well, it means this:

53and this:62and a whole lot of this: UntitledActually, maybe not so much. I am sure you see what they are trying to do, at least aesthetically? Recognise those “carbon things” on the front bumper? Those rear tailpipe exhaust of the bumper? It looks more like an A45 AMG black edition  than an “Edition 1”.

Adding flics to the front and a replicating black series rear bumper isn’t going to spoil the car but is it going to attract the wrong audience? The A45 AMG “Edition 1” brings more equipment for less money (and for the next 12 months “only”). From my initial impressions, what a car. However, without black series performance (unsupported) it does not deserve the black series exterior resemblance. Again, if so, how could they justify charging you 115,430 Euro or £99,000 for a C63 black series when they are dressing up an A45 AMG like a black series?

You can check out the AMG web special here. We’ll see how the “Edition 1” sells, maybe it will be so popular they will produce an “Edition 2” in which case I’m moving back to England, end of story.


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