The Chinese Auto Industry

Bernstein Research has released a 200 page report on the Chinese Auto industry “that is one part primer on product development, one part spotter’s guide to the Chinese domestic car industry and one part road test feature that rivals anything out of the buff books or Consumer Reports.”

They went as far as purchasing two cars (Geely and Great Wall) and shipped them to Europe where they were tested on the track, then taken apart to dissect. The report was initially available for download at TTAC, but no longer available. The general consensus is Chinese auto manufacturers are now catching up to the rest of the world (developed world), catching up very quickly.

Max Warburton, Senior Analyst at Bernstein Research indicates that China is 10 years away from being competitive globally in the auto industry. The deciding factor is the necessary R&D that will help will make the difference, “The Chinese are 80 percent of the way there, 20 percent doesn’t sound very hard, but it’s probably the most complex bits to get right,”.

“If this is what Great Wall can achieve in 15 months…then it may be building a Bugatti Veyron rival by 2014.”

Mr. Warburton (& anybody else), if you would so kindly send me a copy of the report I would be so grateful.

More can be found at Bloomberg, Point Daily, Autonews and of course TTAC.

For a more light hearted view, below is Top Gear‘s take on the Chinese Auto industry.

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