SoulPancake: Chewing on Life’s Questions


SoulPancake is a media company based out of Atwater Village, California.

If you spend most of your precious time consuming your endless day on sites like YouTube, Devour, Wimp, it’s very possible you may have come across their content without realising. SP don’t do silly things like Improv Anywhere, i.e the no pants subway rides, but more heart warming activities.

Their brain batter of #Art, #Culture, #Science, #Philosophy, #Spirituality and #Humour is designed to open your mind, challenge your friends and feel damn good, they say.

SP’s media content is offered in four distinct ways:

1. Activities, “Do something eye-opening”;

2. Conversations, “Talk about stuff that matters”;

3. Videos on YouTube; and

4. Their very own book, a New York Times bestseller.

Most of their content can be found in Perspectives, where pretty much everything is laid out in front of you.

Enough reading done here, go check them out!


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