OECD Review: Chris Brewer

Attending as a member of the Young Diplomats of Canada delegation, reblogged below is a recap of my time at the 2014 OECD Forum.

A copy of the full review in PDF can be found here.

Young Diplomats Forum: A Hub for New Diplomacy

Chris Brewer, YDC Ambassador to 2014 OECD Forum in Paris, France. Chris Brewer, YDC Ambassador to 2014 OECD Forum in Paris, France.

A student in financial economics and political science at Western University,  Chris is the President of King’s Investment Club and Co-President of Global China Connection’s chapter at Western University. After his participation to the OECD Forum 2014 as a YDC Ambassador, we asked him to share his experience.

What follows is an in-depth narrative of the Forum, insight into the economics behind the Sharing Economy and Fossil Fuels, and finally the positive externalities of the YDC Ambassador experience…


The Forum, centered on “Resilient Economies for Inclusive Societies”, explored three main perspectives:

  • Inclusive Growth,
  • Jobs, and
  • Trust.

The 2014 Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) on May 6–7, held back-to-back with the Forum, was under the Chairmanship of Japan, with the United Kingdom and Slovenia as Vice-Chairs. The MCM is an opportunity for governments to discuss issues relevant to OECD research and…

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