On shots taken in Guilin, China

Camera: Canon EOS M; Photographer skill level: beginner.

Some music to accompany the shots

The drive up to Yanghuo 7-star Tea Plantation





A view of the Li river from Yanghsuo Xianggong hill

IMG_1989 IMG_1991 IMG_1993 IMG_1995

The ‘Impressions’ Liu Sanjie (Light Show on Li River)

IMG_2025 IMG_2032 IMG_2033 IMG_2041 IMG_2042 IMG_2065 IMG_2079

The Yangshuo Silver Cave

IMG_2100 IMG_2103 IMG_2116 IMG_2118

(My favourite shot from the whole trip)IMG_2138 IMG_2139

A view of the flight from Guilin to Hong Kong


IMG_2184 IMG_2188 IMG_2193 IMG_2209 IMG_2216 IMG_2228 IMG_2235

I have uploaded the full size images taken from my Canon EOS M. I have no issue with people downloading the images but if you are to use it in a professional capacity, I would appreciate if you disclose the origin of the images.

I would like to personally give full credit to the software engineers at Canon who allowed me to take some cool shots by being in the right place at the right time and simply pressing a button.

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