On the Hong Kong Free Press


Tom Grundy, editor-in-cheif and co-director of Hong Kong Free Press, spoke at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club Lunch this afternoon. HKFP is now an eight-man team looking to become a driving force among the limited number of English-reading news outlets in Hong Kong. Tom noted that a lack of innovation has been a result of a lack of competition, as the competition has been left to The Standard and the South China Morning Post. Although other, more amateur, news English-reading news outlets do exist, HKFP’s coverage is more in-line with that of The Standard and the SCMP.

A point that Tom highlighted about the HKFP’s content was that their journalists wrote for a vocation, rather than as a vocation. This is an important highlight in the current media drive towards trending, Facebook algorithm friendly, content such as that of Buzzfeed. As HKFP is still operated as a not-for-profit, the only way HKFP can grow and succeed will be to hire more journalists and distribute its content digitally. However, as large news outlets are selling off their assets and looking at new ways to remain profitable, HKFP may either fill a void or simply wind down.

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