Bibliography for New Era of Banking in the 21st Century

Interest-Rate Corridor System
1. Bank of Canada Large Value Transfer System: LVTS Primer
2. Bank of Canada Working Paper (2012-15) Estimating Settlement Balances for LVTS: Bank of Canada WP2012-15 Nellie Zhang
3. Federal Reserve Discussion Paper (2006-22) Monetary Policy Framework: Fed DP2006-22 William Whitesell
4. Federal Reserve Kansas City Q4FY2010 Economic Review: Fed (Kansas) EconReview 4Q2010 George Kahn

Federal Reserve Framework
1. Congressional Research Service (RL30354) – Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve by Marc Labonte
2. Fed Bank NY – Trading Partners in the Interbank Lending Market by Gara Afonso, Anna Kovner and Antoinette Schoar
3. The Federal Reserve’s Floor System: Immediate Gain or Remote Pain? by Paul D. Mueller, and Joshua Wojnilower: SSRN-id1905625
4. A Primer on the Fed’s Changing Approach to Policy Implementation by Jane Ihrig, Ellen Meade, and Gretchen Weinbach: 2015047pap
5. Interest on Reserves: An Analytical Framework by Federal Reserve Interest on Reserves workgroup: 20080430.4.IoR.Analytical.Framework.memo.public
6. Overnight RRP Operations as a Monetary Policy Tool: Some Design Considerations by Frost, Logan, Martin, McCabe, Natalucci, and Remache: 2015010pap
7. The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet and Earnings: A Primer and Projections by Carpenter, Ihrig, Klee, Quinn, and Boote: ijcb15q2a7
8. Monetary Policy with Abundant Liquidity:  A New Operating Framework for the Federal Reserve by Joseph Gagnon and Brian Sack: pb14-4
9. The Political Economy of the Federal Reserve’s New Operating Framework by Paul Mueller and Joshua Wojnilower: Fed New Operating Framework

Measuring the Banking Industry
1. Measurement and Efficiency Issues in Commercial Banking by Allen Berger and David Humphrey: National Bureau of Economic Research C7237
2. Measuring the Performance of Banks by Joseph Hughes and Loretta Mester: Oxford Handbook of Banking, 2nd Edition
3. Typical Bullshit handed out by PWC – Banking Profitability and Performance Management
4. FDIC issued: QAs_Assessments_Dividends_Assessment_Base_and_Large_Bank_Pricing_(updated_1-20-15)
5. Measuring Bank Efficiency in Developing Countries by Sandrine Kablan: 249-kablan
6. Measures of Global Bank Complexity by Nicola Cetorelli and Linda Goldberg: Fed New York EconPolicyReview December 2014: 1412ceto
7. McKinsey on Finance: A better way to measure bank risk
8. ECB Beyond ROE – How to Measure Bank Performance: ECB September 2010
9. Economic Profit and Performance Measurement in Banking by Ralph Kimball: Boston Fed – neer498c
10. FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile 2Q2015: FDIC_2Q2015_v9n3
11. IMF Working Paper – Shedding Light on Shadow Banking by Harutyunyan, Massara, Ugazio, Amidzic, and Walton: IMF – WP1501

On Austerity
Large Changes in Fiscal Policy – Taxes vs. Spending, by Alberto Alesina and Silva Ardagna

On Japanese Capital Markets
Changing Japanese Corporate Governance, by Christina Ahmadjian
Determinants of Long-Term Japanese Government Bonds’ Low Nominal Yields, by Tanweer Akram

Bank of England (Staff & Working Papers) – a selection

SWP537: What do stock markets tell us about exchange rates?
SWP536: The impact of liquidity regulation on banks
SWP534: What moves international stock and bond markets?
SWP532: Towards a New Keynesian theory of the price level

WP530: Cross-country co-movement in long-term interest rates: a DSGE approach
WP529: Banks are not intermediaries of loanable funds – and why this matters
WP528: Forecasting with VAR models: fat tails and stochastic volatility
WP526: A joint affine model of commodity futures and US Treasury yields
WP524: On a tight leash: does bank organisational structure matter for macroprudential spillovers?
WP522: Global liquidity, house prices and the macroeconomy: evidence from advanced and emerging economies
WP521: Do contractionary monetary policy shocks expand shadow banking?
WP520: A forecast evaluation of expected equity return measures

On Political Philosophy – a selection

On Aristotle
Aristotle’s Anticommunism, by Darrell Dobbs
Double Standards – Aristotle’s critique of Plato’s Republic and the Spartan Constitution, by Thornton Lockwood
Part and Whole in Aristotle’s Political Philosophy, by Robert Mayhew

On John Stuart Mill
Liberty and Education – Mill’s Dilemma, by Edwin G. West

On Plato
The Original Meaning of Democracy, by Josiah Ober
Comparing Greek and Chinese Political Thought, by Melissa Lane

On John Maynard Keynes (Keynesianism)
Introduction to ‘Zombie Economics’, by John Quiggin
Slaves of Defunct Economists (speech), by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi
Consensus, Dissensus and Economic Ideas – The Rise and Fall of Keynesianism During the Economic Crisis, by Henry Farrell and John Quiggin

On Natural Law
The Politics of Natural Law in Cicero, by Geoff Kennedy

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